What's it like to work for CGI? Three Future Talents, Nanna Vainio, Eva Lehtinen and Topias Päivärinta share why they enjoy working for CGI. Video is with English voice over.

CGI offers an international work and business environment where individuals co-operate and collaborate between business units, dealing with specialists from different sectors and technologies. We pay special attention to our members’ satisfaction and personal development and as a company; we encourage personal development, whether you wish to become a specialist or a manager in the future. We offer various interesting career paths in technical, commercial and service focused roles.
The event takes place on Friday 25th January 2019 from 9am to 3pm. 

Familiarize yourself with the current Future Talent opportunities and the scheme (in finnish)

Future Talent 2019


Register by January 22 and get a flying start to your career.


More information on the event



Future Talent -tapahtuman ohjelma

Future Talent event schedule ( The program will be held both in Finnish and in English )

9.00-9.30 Registration



Maailma muuttuu nopeammin kuin koskaan – minkälaisia mahdollisuuksia tulevaisuus tuo mukanaan? Innovatior, futurist, composer Perttu Pölönen

Introducing event hosts Katja Artimo & Riz Haque

10.30 alkaen

Program on stage

Demo stands

LinkedIn Workshop

JavaScript Battle

More information

10.30 alkaen


Hyvinvoinnin edistämisen älydigi-ratkaisut (only in Finnish)


Tulevaisuuden pankkikokemus, millainen on tulevaisuuden pankki ja kuinka jatkuva teknologinen kehitys vaikuttaa asiakaskäyttäytymiseen, asenteisiin sekä tulevaisuuden odotuksiin? (only in Finnish)

12.30 alkaen


Technology as a climate change preventer – achieving emission targets using innovations


Digital consumer Services in the battle against the climate change 


Service Design workshop

12.30- Program on stage
15.00 Thank you, have a safe trip home!