The event

Future Talent event is CGI Finland’s own recruitment fair that targets students and recent graduates from various fields. The event offers a time and place to meet and network with CGI’s members, recruiters and hiring managers and learn more about CGI as a company and as an employer. 

Event agenda


Tapahtuman ohjelma




Welcome to Future Talent event with Martti Reilander


Future Work, Maria Krajewska-Olkkonen & Aslak De SIlva


Host Riz Haque presents - General info about the event


Event kicks off! Demos, stations, workshops, JavaScript battle begin


Introducing CGI's business units:

  • Public at 16.20-16.40
  • Commercial at 16.50-17.10
  • Financial Services at 17.20-17.40
  • GTO at 17.50-18.10
  • IPS at 18.20-18.40


Intelligent clothes and their future (ENG)
16:20 - 18:00

Smart Cities - Millainen on tulevaisuuden kaupunki? (FIN)
16:20 - 18:00

Hyvinvointidata liiketoiminnassa (FIN)
17:00 - 19:00

Other program:

  • Business unit stands
  • Kanaliiga e-sports
  • Product demos
  • Javascript Battle
  • Speed meeting


Event Cafe opens


Mix & Mingle


JavaScript Battle winners announced


Evening ends



Pre-qualifying assignments (voluntary)

Every event attendee can participate in technical pre-qualifying assignments to test their skills and get a chance to be interviewed by a CGI manager in the Future Talent event. If an assignment is done to an excellent degree, a personal invite to an interview will be sent to the participant before the event.

Registration and cancellation

Participating in the event is free of charge for students and recent graduates but requires a registration before the event. If you are unable to attend, you can cancel registration in the Lyyti event management. You'll find a link in your confirmation email. Here's a link to the registration form.

Location and arrival instructions

The venue is Kattilahalli, Sörnäisten rantatie 22, 00540 Helsinki. 

Transportation and parking

We recommend using public transportation to travel to the venue. Please find out the most suitable route for yourself: 

By car: There is limited amount of parking space and we recommend using public transportation or ridesharing.

Travelling from outside Helsinki Capital Region

CGI also reimburses 50% of travel expenses for students and recent graduates travelling from cities that has no connection to HSL transportation (only bus/train fares are reimbursed). Please bring receipts with you to the event and find the information service desk where you will be given a form to fill. Reimbursements will take place after the event and will be paid directly to your bank account. 


Workshops gather keen individuals who want to participate in solving topical problems like Future Cities, using healthcare data and smart clothing. Participating in a workshop requires a registration (with the event registration form). The workshops will be held between 16.00-18.00 (workshops 1 & 2) and 17.00-19.00 (workshop 3). The participants will be selected based on education and level of study completeness. Note that part of the workshops are held in Finnish.

Workshop 1: Using welfare data in business (FIN) 

Workshopissa pureudutaan miettimään hyvinvointidatan hyödyntämistä liiketoiminnassa. Millaisen liiketoiminnan hyvinvointidatan ympärille voi rakentaa tai miten yrityksen omassa toiminnassa voi hyödyntää sitä? Millaiseen olemassa olevaan ratkaisun tai kerättyyn dataan hyvintointidataa voisi yhdistää? Millaista uutta liiketoimintaa tai ratkaisu tästä syntyisi?

Workshop 2: Intellectual clothes and their future (ENG) 

Get creative! In this workshop we will explore the future of intelligent clothing. How could wearable technology improve our work life?

Workshop 3: Smart Cities - How will future city look like? (FIN)

Tässä workshopissa haetaan ideoita kahdesta eri tulokulmasta: kuntalaisille suunnatut palvelut/ideat ja kunnan elinvoimaa ja kilpailukykyä edistävät ideat. Osallistujat pääsevät ryhmissä miettimään ratkaisuja näihin kysymyksiin.


JavaScript Battle

Are you the most talented coder in your group of friends? Ready to prove it? At Future Talent we organize JavaScript Battle, of which we will offer not only a job at CGI but a leap to senior level compensation too. The task of JavaScript Battle is to execute given programming challenge as efficiently and elegantly as possible – you have 60min time. The battle has an emphazis on general programming skills so you don't have to be a js-guru to succeed.

Sign-up for the battle takes place in the event. The Battle takes 8 competitors at any given time, each competitors time limit is 60 minutes. New competitors are let in when a seat becomes free (queue outside)

Speed Meetings

At the event you have a chance to participate in a Speed Meeting with CGI managers! In this section you can ask the most burning questions about CGI, work life and studies. You have 5 minutes with each manager (in total 10 managers). Speed Meeting will be held in 2 slots at 16:30-17:30 and 18:00-19:00. You can register to speed meeting in the registration form. 
Information about the organiser:

You can send your questions regarding the event to